On-site milling – Portable milling

De Wiel Services is market leader when it comes to on-site milling or portable milling. With our portable milling machines we are able to perform milling activities on-site. For instance: we can face mill to a length of 32.000mm in one single set-up. Besides these long lengths, we also have the tools and equipment for smaller machining like pocket milling and key way milling.

Recently we have given our DWS4000 another update. With two extra millingslides of 5 meter we are now able to extend to 32 meter in total. With a reach of 1000mm in width we can cover a very large area in one set-up.  The DWS4000 is equipped with 3 supports, all set-up with face mills of ø315mm. The demand for on-site milling is only rising. To meet the requirements of our clients we always searching for the best possible solution.

Over the past few months, we have been working hard on the production of DWS4000’s little sister; the DWS2000. This milling machine is based on the same concept of the DWS4000 and can be extended to indefinite lengths.