Jack-load measurement

A good alignment results in longer service life and a vibration-free setup. To check the actual bearing pressures, De Wiel Alignment can perform a jack-load measurement. After full completion and the alignment of the components, we measure the bearing load on the most crucial places like intermediate bearings, gearbox bearings and sterntube bearings.
With the measurement the real bearing loads are determined very precise and make sure the alignment won’t result in any bearing failure.

GAP /SAG measurement

To achieve a good alignment, a proper reference line is needed. With the help of advanced software the entire propulsion system can be calculated. RPM, weights, bearingloads and other cicumstances are taken into account for determining the GAP/SAG.
These numbers are being translated into the alignment of the components by our engineers. This method delivers a very accurate alignment.

Crankshaft deflection measurement

When engines grow to a size where they can deform under there own weight, it has become essential to perform a crankshaft deflection measurement. The straightness of the crankshaft is monitored and guaranteed.

Rubber deflection measurement

The big advantage of rubber elements is the flexibility of the setup. The mounting priciple during newbuild is relativelly easy and in case of repair the rubbers can offer many advantages. The flexibility is within certain boundaries however. It is therefore of great importance to mount the rubber elements correct and to measure the deflection. Our engineers have experience with all types of rubber element and can offer this service.